Frequently Asked Questions

Donna just moments after giving birth to her brilliant baby girl!

Customer Question #1

Why work with Donna? Simply put, I have been there, I was told by 4 of "New York's Best" Doctors that I'd "never have a baby with my own egg" I found my way and my husband and I were able to conceive a gorgeous healthy baby with very little intervention and my own egg! I am here to support you through your journey to becoming the mother you so deeply desire. I am here for you. 

Donna 8 months pregnant!

Customer Question #2

How can Donna support me after I get pregnant? As a Certified Holistic Health Coach since 2008 Donna is expert at navigating the best options for nutrition,  lifestyle and work/ life balance. She is well versed in all types of self care and can help you through your entire pregnancy with ongoing coaching including text support in real time (oh so valuable as a first time mom!) Donna loves supporting pregnant women over forty because she was one. 

Donna with her baby girl... still breastfeeding at 14 months!

Customer Question #3

What about after baby gets here ? will I benefit from support ? Donna had a rough recovery after a roller coaster ride of a delivery... breast feeding was a challenge too and Donna suffered double breast infections and a staph infection which she decided to nurse through. Donna has been through (nearly) it all including everything from gaining and losing 40 pounds to dealing with sleepless nights and everything in between. She is a wealth of knowledge and is loaded with great info and a ton of resources.